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BAe HAWK T1 MK53 Indonesian Air Force Papermodel 1:42

The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single-engine, advanced jet trainer aircraft. It first flew in 1974 as the Hawker Siddeley Hawk, and subsequently produced by its successor companies, British Aerospace and BAE Systems, respectively. It has been used in a training capacity and as a low-cost combat aircraft.
Operators of the Hawk include the Royal Air Force, notably the Red Arrows aerial display team; as well a considerable number of foreign military operators. The Hawk is still in production with over 900 Hawks sold to 18 customers around the world.


In April 1978, Indonesia, seeking to increase its aerial capabilities, placed the first of multiple orders for the Hawk.[58] The Indonesian Air Force received more than 40 Hawks in the 1980s and 1990s;[59] In June 1991, BAe and Indonesian Aerospace (IPTN) signed an major agreement for collaborative production of the Hawk, and more orders of the Hawk were anticipated.[60] Further Hawk exports were eventually blocked due to concerns over Indonesian human rights, particularly in East Timor.[59]
During the 1990s, allegations emerged that Hawks had been used in the Indonesian occupation of East Timor, possibly as early as 1983.[61] The alleged attacks on Timorese civilians and pro-independence groups performed by Hawks generated considerable controversy in the United Kingdom.[59] In January 1996, four protesters broke into a BAe factory and caused £1.5 million worth of damage to an Indonesia-bound Hawk. In a subsequent trial, the four were acquitted as the jury accepted their argument of having used "reasonable force to prevent a crime"
Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BAE_Systems_Hawk

Papermodel 1:42 Scale

I Made this For Bandung AirShow Sept 27- sept 30 2012 at husein Sastranegara International Airport Bandung - Indonesia

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"Persembahan Ra'jat Atjeh"
Dakota Seulawah RI-001 is the first transport aircraft belonging to the Republic of Indonesia purchased from donations of the people of Aceh. RI-001 Dakota aircraft Seulawah is forerunner to the establishment first commercial airline, Indonesian Airways. The plane is great merit in the struggle of the early formation of the state of Indonesia.
DC-3 Dakota airplane Seulawah has a body length of 19.66 meters and 28.96 meters wingspan, powered by two Pratt & Whitney engine weighs 8030 kg and is able to fly at a maximum speed of 346 km / h.
source http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dakota_RI-001_Seulawah