Kamis, 06 Februari 2014


Postman Pat is a British stop-motion animated children's television series first produced by Woodland Animations. It is aimed at pre-school children, and concerns the adventures of Pat Clifton, a postman in the fictional village of Greendale (inspired by the real valley of Longsleddale nearKendal).
  • Patrick "Pat" Clifton, better known as Postman Pat, was the village postman for Greendale and has now been promoted to head of the 'Special Delivery Service' in nearby Pencaster. Pat lives at Forge Cottage in Greendale with his wife Sara and son Julian, who is six years old.
  • Royal Mail fleet service van (Pat 1): Pat's bright red van is a small 'box' type van based on a BMC/Leyland Sherpa, with the registration, "Pat 1". For the first seven episodes of series one, it featured a generic crown-style symbol, which was designed to be similar to the official Royal Mail symbol. When the Royal Mail gave the programme makers permission to use their official symbol, the crown was replaced with the proper Royal Mail symbol.

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