Jumat, 12 September 2014


F-5E / F Tiger II in Indonesia started at 21 April 1980,  Aircraft purchased from Northrop factory Co., the United States, the F-5E / F is expected to return the canine MiG-21F respected 1960s.
The presence of "The Tiger" is bring fresh air to the creation of the Air Force power. Aircraft with a maximum speed of 1.6 is the speed of sound as well as provide new insights and technology transfer for the aviators and technicians. Expected that the F-5E / F Tiger II will be The king in the air, a weapon is equipped with air-to-air missiles AIM-9P-2 Sidewinder  which is also one of the Best air-to-air Short Range missiles at that time.
After 34 years service to The country and nation, safeguard the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in the near future this plane should have retired.
Source : http://tni-au.mil.id/pustaka/f-5ef-tiger-ii-harimau-mengaum-di-udara-nusantara


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