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KT-1B Wong Bee Jupiter Aerobatic Team Papercraft

KT-1B aircraft Wong Bee made ​​in South Korea by the Korean Aerospace Industry (KAI). The turboprop engine aircraft has the ability and acrobatic maneuvers that either making it suitable to be used as a training tool for prospective military pilots.

In the country of origin, the plane that can go with the speed of 648 km / h, it began to be used by the South Korean Air Force in 2000. Besides Indonesia, Korean Trainer (KT) is also used by the Turkish Air Force.

Indonesia using the version of the KT-1B from the end of 2003. In this version, the KT-1 modified to allow the pilot to prepare for the skills of flying a supersonic jet fighter aircraft.

KAI sent seven aircraft plus spare parts to Indonesia and also provide training for pilots and mechanics Indonesia to fly and maintain aircraft. In 2006 the Air Force re-buying 12 KT-1B aircraft.

In addition to practice maneuvers, Woong Bee also be armed. In KAI website was a picture of KT which is equipped with rocket launchers and missiles on both wings. (DetikNews)

Jupiter Aerobatic Team

Jupiter Indonesia Air Force aerobatic team aerobatic display team flying with six Woong Bee KT-1B aircraft painted with red and white colors of Skadik (Squadron Education / Training Squadron) 102, Adisutjipto AFB, Yogyakarta. The plane of Jupiter's team is equipped with a generator of white smoke. The pilot of the Jupiter aerobatic Team (JAT) all instructors. The team is named "Jupiter" after the call sign of the TNI-AU (Indonesian National Army - Air Force / Indonesian Air Force) instructor


HistoryIn 1996 the new Indonesian Air Force aerobatic team was formed and equipped with eight Hawk Mk.53 aircraft of Skadik 103. The team is named Jupiter and for the first time in 23 September 1997, but in 2001 became the team along with Blue Jupiter Blue Eagle.Jupiter aerobatic team (JAT) was established back in 2008, using a 4 Korea Aerospace KT-1B Woong Bee of 102 Training Squadron, Adisutjipto AFB, Yogyakarta. The team's first public show on July 4, 2008 in Yogyakarta, and their second in Jakarta, November 2008.In 2010 after two years of stagnation, JAT began a training program with the help of a team featuring Australian roulettes. In September 2010 two Jupiter pilot team has been sent to Australia to observe and learn to fly together with roulettes maneuvers at their home base at East Sale, Victoria, Australia. On Nov 8, 2010 at roulettes performed at Halim Air Force Base, Jakarta where six JAT members have the opportunity to fly in the backseat of roulettes PC-9s during their training.
Jupiter in 2011 increased to six aircraft and receive the new livery of red and white colors as the color of the flag of Indonesia. Jupiter Team aerobatic aircraft KB-1B also receive a white smoke generator. The first demonstration with the composition of the new six-ship formation made March 16 in Yogyakarta at a ceremony launching a new uniform with AF Indonesian. Airshow second on 9 April in Jakarta on the 65th anniversary of the Air Force and the third on April 17, 2011 in Yogyakarta. (Aerobatics Team website)


Background of the manufacture of KT-1B Wong Bee Papercraft  is love for the world aerospace Indonesia. where the maker had to lift the image of Indonesia in the world and make papercraft Wong Bee KT-1B is to be the first with Indonesian Air Force decal (Jupiter Aerobatic Team). With approximately one month to design this plane and the moment at which the Indonesian Air Force's birthday

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